Brass Collar Games is an independent game development company focusing on producing tabletop RPG products for the Steampunk and Cyberpunk communities. Their goal is to share their passion for the complicated relationship between Steampunk and Cyberpunk with both communities, by providing a richly detailed world that allows for the greatest aspects of both to be fully explored. They are also committed to providing an open and transparent relationship with their playtesters and community, to ensure that their products are sensitive to the needs and creative passions of their customers.

Their upcoming products will contain a unique blend of Steampunk and Cyberpunk, presented in a cinematic martial arts format. Their goal is to provide a world where players can explore the best that both genres have to offer, while still participating in a robust martial arts system that mixes modern firearms and traditional martial arts. Their emphasis on teamwork and cooperative gameplay allows players to move from scene to scene, telling their own stories through exciting chases and fast paced conflict. They believe that stories are best when told together through conflict and shared struggles, giving each player the opportunity to work with or sacrifice themselves for the sake of teammates.

Their work has reached deep into the Steampunk genre to provide a richly detailed world not just of fantastic places, but also of richly detailed cultures and nations in which players can become invested. They have worked hard to provide a system that allows players to engage in combat in a variety of cultural costumes and uniforms, giving them the customization and visual diversity emblematic of the genre. They understand that international travel between exciting nations and cultures is a fundamental aspect of the genre, and have provided the means to do in such exciting ways as armored trains that fend off monsters, or in airships that ply the skies between floating sky islands.

Their work also provides a sophisticated depth of Cyberpunk content, ranging from empowered futuristic capabilities of Power Armor and Mecha,  to the more subtle culture characteristics of the transhumanism of Cybernetic and Artificial Intelligence, or the PostCyberpunk experience of both fully immersive matrix worlds and a fully augmented reality interface. They understand that the Matrix should have a proactive and valuable role in combat and have made sure to provide it as an essential part of the Martial Attribute system. They have made sure to not just provide a world filled with high-tech and futuristic applications, but also one where the capabilities of a universal immersive and augmented reality matrix has changed the world in exciting ways that will inspire players to tell their own stories about what it means to be human.

This mixture of Steampunk and Cyberpunk has provided them the opportunity to introduce a variety of magical and teamwork oriented content in the exciting spaces where the genres overlap. This includes a variety of support characters to purchase as an expanded part of a character, which includes such types as Totemic Animals, Spirits fused to weapons, plants, or puppets, and Artificial Intelligences in cybernetic bodies. It also includes a large and detailed magic Attunement system that provides a carefully chosen variety of powers, ranging from the elemental capabilities of Meta Major, the Support powers of Totem, Summon, and Domain, to the flexible and capable applications of Pattern Magic used with Ink and Talismans.