Brass Collar Games is dedicated to producing products that provide a very specific blend of Steampunk and Cyberpunk, providing a unified gaming experience open to a wide variety of players. Their goal is to produce products that are open and engaging to players of all walks of life, that provide a positive but challenging experience, and share a living world of sophisticated and endearing cultures, conflicts, and struggles. They are committed to bringing new ideas to the Steampunk and Cyberpunk genres, and are certain that they will be able to inspire people with a world filled with innovative content.

The company is currently working on a full series of books, allowing for the expansion content of later books to be fully integrated with the core offerings of the World and Character books. At this time they are moving their initial two books through the product testing and editing process, preparing them for presentation as commercial products. This allows changes and revisions in those core products to be implemented in the ongoing development of later material, allowing them to present current books in the context of a richly detailed game world with a great depth of expansion content.

Brass Collar games believes in the power of crowd funding and intends at a future date to pursue their own crowd funding campaign to secure the funding necessary for the final costs of developing their first products. Having carefully examined successful crowd funding campaigns, the company is dedicated to bringing their product as close to completion as possible, to assure the best results to funders. Be sure to stay connected to their social network platforms for future announcements of crowd funding platforms and product releases.

The company is dedicated to pursuing the changes in the marketplace and will be providing initial products in a digital format. Following the trends set by successful crowd funding campaigns for books and games, they will also be offering a variety of premium products, such as hardbound printed books and other artwork and design related items. They will be listening closely to surveys and responses from future crowd funding efforts to determine which products and services best serve the needs of their funders and can be provided on time and without cost overruns. Stay connected to their social networking platforms for future announcements about crowd funding, product releases, and playtesting.