Brass Collar Games needs both experienced and first time players for playtesting that are willing to engage in some heavy reading, various forms of paperwork and testing, character generation, and a detailed question and answer period with our testing staff. We can accommodate participants that are local to the Orlando Florida area, and those with a stable high speed internet connection that are willing to schedule a telepresence conference in a Google Hangout. Testing sessions can take several hours or be split into several sessions, as determined by the needs of the product being tested. All potential playtesters will need to join our G+ community, through which testing is scheduled and our content is discussed and examined.

All playtesters that complete their testing sessions will be provided with a testing credit in the next version of that book, listed as either their name or their nom de plume of choice. They will also be eligible for future rounds of testing as an ‘experienced’ player, which makes them eligible for additional and separate rounds of testing not available to first time testers. Testers that stay with us long term will be assembled into online testing groups for the purposes of testing campaigns, a necessary process for the final steps of the product testing process.

Brass Collar Games has a whole series of books under development at this time, each with their own schedule of testing and revision. Please keep an eye on our social media platforms and website to determine when one of those books has entered the testing phase and will be available for scheduled playtesting sessions with participants. Availability is on a first come, first served basis, due to the difficulty of matching the schedules of both the testing staff and our testers.

We do rely on confidentiality from our playtesters, which includes use of social media platforms and product review sites. While we understand your enthusiasm to talk with others about your experience with our products and content, the material being tested is far from completed and not yet ready for distribution outside of the testing process. To facilitate this process, and make it easier for everyone involved, we coordinate all of our testing and playtester community interaction through our G+ community, providing a space in which to comfortably discuss the product and testing process with our staff and other playtesters.

Those that are interested in being a playtester can contact Brass Collar Games ( to join our G+ Playtester community. This will allow them to see all of the developer updates from staffers, our current testing cycles and schedules, and provide them the opportunity to ask developers and other testers questions about the products.